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Forms & Policies

Advocare Parsippany Pediatrics forms are listed below and can be printed for your convenience.

For your first visit, the New Patient Forms may be completed in advance and brought to the office. This will save you time while in the office.
  • All new patients (if under the age of 18) need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian* for the initial visit in our office. 
    • *Note:  A legal guardian must have court-documents supporting guardianship at the time of this visit.


New Patient Forms (Please print and complete these)

Optional Administrative Forms (that might be helpful for your family)

Important Information about Our Practice (FYI Only) 

Assessment Forms:

- Autistic Spectrum Disorders

- ADHD Vanderbilt Assessments

- Postnatal Depression

School/Camp/Daycare Forms and Other Additional Forms 

Routine forms brought to your child’s medical provider during a routine well-visit will not incur a charge and will be completed, if time allows, during the visit. 

Form(s) presented within 4 weeks of the well visit will be completed by the provider without a fee, within 7-10 days.

Forms that are presented to our office at any other time will be completed within 7-10 days, and will incur a fee of $15 per form. There are certain types of forms (disability applications, legal forms, pre-operative clearance, etc.) which may require an appointment dedicated to completing them together with a parent, child, and provider. 

The medication portion of camp and school forms needs to bear an attached note from a parent, indicating what specific medications the parent wants the provider to list and approve. 

PDF Files require the use of Adobe's PDF Reader. Download it NOW!